VM referral service ?

I was just wondering if VM might have a referral service when getting new people to buy a VM license.

In the last 2 months I have gotten 2 people to buy one so I was hoping there might be an incentive for existing users for something like this. Maybe a free 1 year renewal after X dollars sold?

I just got a guy today to buy a 250 license. That’s good money for VM but nothing for us existing users… Just a thought.

Hey Scott,

That’s a good idea. Word of mouth is all we’ve got right now, so a very large number of our sales are due to referrals. If we can encourage those through cash or license extension rewards, I’m totally on board with it.

I’ll see if I can figure out how to make affiliate stuff work in our shopping cart while I’m working on the renewal support later this week–affiliate code kinda sorta in there, but it looks like it takes a lot of hacking to actually use it.

We’d actually like to build out a lot of different ways for folks to make Virtualmin profitable for them. We’d love to see folks selling premium Content Styles for the website builder, for example. Install Scripts for commercial software seems a natural fit, as well, particularly as Virtualmin gets more popular (fingers crossed, knock on wood, etc.). Bundling might an option, too, if we find we have a natural fit with some other types of applications.

Actually not only have I sold VM licenses but for the past 8 months I have been working on a frontend billing system that ties into VM Pro. It will be licensed as commercial but I was thinking of getting it bundled into VM Pro as a addon.

We could both make extra cash from it.

I have sold 2 Virtualmin 250 license so far :slight_smile:

I see the “Hacking attempt” bug is back again so I couldn’t edit my post. Just wanted to hint that those 2 sales certainly would pay for my renewal of $65.00 LOL

Yes, it never went away. But I’ve got some major updates to the forums running on the devel server as we speak–I expect to deploy it in the next few days now that I’ve got the Ubuntu repository signing stuff taken care of. I still haven’t actually fixed that “can’t edit some posts” bug, but I know conceptually how to fix it (i.e. I know why it happens and what needs to happen to make it go away, I just haven’t figured out what code to write to actually implement the fix).

Anyway, the forums and bug tracker are both getting big updates shortly.

Sold 2 more VM license – Scott Terry & Nick Weisser