VM Pro Panel Does Not Resolve After Fresh Ubuntu Install

Ubuntu 20.04
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Hi fellas…sorry for any inconvenience… but in the gap time… I decided to switch from Debian 10.5 to Ubuntu 20.04 server because there is just better support.

I ran the vm-install-pro-50.sh install script again using /bin/sh vm-install-pro-50.sh this time the installation completed with out any warning or error. But, the admin panel address cannot be resolved correctly.

[19/23] Configuring Webalizer                                           [  ✔  ]
[20/23] Configuring Webmin                                              [  ✔  ]
[21/23] Configuring Fail2banFirewalld                                   [  ✔  ]
[22/23] Configuring Postfix                                             [  ✔  ]
[23/23] Configuring Virtualmin                                          [  ✔  ]
▣▣▣ Cleaning up

[SUCCESS] Installation Complete!
[SUCCESS] If there were no errors above, Virtualmin should be ready
[SUCCESS] to configure at https://admin. example .com:10000 (or https://172. XX.XX. XX:10000).
[SUCCESS] You'll receive a security warning in your browser on your first visit.

When I visit https://admin. example .com:10000 firefox is unable to find the site (not resolving. As mentioned in my previous debian ticket www. intodns .com confirms that domain is resolving correctly…

so the problem is still vm-pro installation script.

the output of #/sbin/ip -f inet -o -d addr show dev eth0 is

2: eth0 inet 172.XX.XX.XXX/18 brd 172.XX.XX.255 scope global dynamic eth0\ valid_lft 315356354sec preferred_lft 315356354sec

the output of # ip ro ls is

default via 172.XX.XX.XX dev eth0 proto dhcp src 172.XX.XX.192 metric 100 
172.XX.XX.0/18 dev eth0 proto kernel scope link src 172.XX.XX.192 
172.XX.XX.253 dev eth0 proto dhcp scope link src 172.XX.XX.192 metric 100

Virtualmin has no control over whether the name resolves in your browser.

And, it doesn’t matter whether you use the name or IP. It listens on all IP addresses on the system.

So, try connecting on the IP address instead. i.e.

At least until you have sorted your DNS resolution problems.

It listens on all IP addresses on the system.

That isn’t quite happening. When I enter the public ip address of my server rather than the private ip that VM Pro is using… it won’t resolve… and my obvious worry is that I start building websites on vm pro that are resolving correctly.

What do you mean by “it won’t resolve”? If you’re entering the IP address, there is nothing to resolve. So, what error are you getting?

Unless you’ll be delegating DNS to the Virtualmin server, and using Virtualmin to manager your DNS, whether it resolves is up to you and the DNS servers you’re using. Virtualmin can manage DNS, if you delegate your zones to the Virtualmin server (and a secondary DNS server that is syncing to the Virtualmin server, since you need two servers to host DNS effectively). Or, you can host DNS elsewhere…but, if you host DNS elsewhere, you’ll have to create the necessary A records, and others. (Virtualmin can also manage Route 53 and Google cloud DNS services.)

Sorry for the terminology… I mean, that I can’t reach vm-pro login page…

At https://private-ip:10000/ I can see the login page
At https://public-ip:10000/ I can not reach the login page

I will post the specific error in a moment… I am re-running the install

Actually there isn’t an error message… the browser just hangs and nothing is loaded. Eventual The connection has timed out

I dropped a line to alibaba support… asking them to check the resolution. I will post back when I get a reply.

That means firewall or something else network related; does your host have a firewall you need to open up? Does it need port forwarding?

Virtualmin definitely listens on every address on the system, so if you can see it on one IP but not another, it’s gotta be at the network level. (The only other reason you wouldn’t see it is if the webmin service wasn’t running, but that is ruled out by being able to see it on the private IP.)

brilliant, you nailed… I had port 10000 closed in the alibaba firewall.

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