VM Pro for End Users

I have a low-cost vps which does not have any supplied control panel, and I am presently using Webmin & VM GPL.

The VPS is for personal use + family & friends, I am the only one who will access / use the control panels.

I have been using Hypervm/lxadmin for couple of years, have been through 2 server hacks which resulted in a 100% wipeout of my VPS and a total of about 2 weeks downtime as a result.

As Hypervm/Lxadmin looks like it is no more, I wondered if Is it possible for me to purchase a lower cost license as the end user rather than the owner of the VPS Server ??




I’d like to license vmin pro as an end user :slight_smile:



Sorry, while the GPL version will of course continue to be free, the lowest-priced Pro license is the “Virtualmin 10” license.

I know the price tag looks tall for home use, but it actually amounts to only $11.50 a month :slight_smile: