VM Licence

A couple of months ago, I got a new server and put an upgraded os on it. It took me a couple of months to move all 70 or so domains, as some of the php software had to be edited for the change to MYSQL 5 and PHP5.

So, I had the same licence running on both servers. (The original
has now been put to sleep).

I actually wrote you about this fact, and you said it was fine, and I could even run one as a backup to the other. They both have the same domains.

But today, I am getting messages that I am running 1 license on 3 machines. I really have 2 licenses running on 2 servers.

I do have a 3rd server, but that one is running the gpl version, because it is only a mailman server.

Have I done something wrong?



Hey Howard,

No, you’re fine. The license checking code is new, and a bit quirky in places. Hot spare detection is a bit weak at this point. I’ll see about clearing out the old one from our database.

Note that it’s just an advisory message. We’ll never shut any licenses down without contacting you first (and even before then a human will look at the database to be sure the license check isn’t being stupid). So, don’t worry about it–if you’re using Virtualmin in good faith (as I know you are), nothing bad will happen.

But thanks for mentioning it, so we can clear the flag, so you won’t see the warning anymore.

Hey Howard,

Spotted it. Your old box wasn’t showing up–it was a bug in our license status check. It looks like there’s a race where it can insert an empty host ID if the license check runs before the host ID is generated…so the first “hello” from one of your servers had no host id (which doesn’t match any host id, so it looked like a third host!). :wink:

I deleted it, and next time your license status is checked, the warning will go away. Holler if it persists.

No big deal. It is still there, but there are better things for you to do if that isn’t going to hurt my ability to use Virtualmin :stuck_out_tongue:

I logged in as a normal user, and can’t see that. So long as my customer’s don’t think I am a pirate, I have no problems. Thank you.