VM Bleed PHP 5.2.11 CentOS 5.3 problem

I just noticed there was an updated php (5.2.11) on the VM Bleed repo so ran the update from 5.2.9

apache restarted ok
but I got lots of ‘500 Premature end of script headers’ errors on Joomla and wordpress sites

however other php sites ran OK

no response at all from php cli (eg php -v)

there’s nothing obvious in php_log or apache error_logs

Its a working box so I didnt stop to look any further - just downgraded back to 5.2.9


For what it is worth, I upgraded from 5.2.9 to 5.2.11 from vmbleed and do not have your issues.

I did also, just yesterday. Did not experience these problems.

Do you have any modules loaded in your php.ini file that are not “standard” or “stock” modules?

in the domain php.ini file try setting:

; cgi.fix_pathinfo provides real PATH_INFO/PATH_TRANSLATED support for CGI. PHP’s
; previous behaviour was to set PATH_TRANSLATED to SCRIPT_FILENAME, and to not grok
; what PATH_INFO is. For more information on PATH_INFO, see the cgi specs. Setting
; this to 1 will cause PHP CGI to fix it’s paths to conform to the spec. A setting
; of zero causes PHP to behave as before. Default is 1. You should fix your scripts


thanks for replies

@arjones85 - nothing at all unusual is being included. All packages are in the repo

@ronald - thnx for tip. it might be worth a try. I’ll give it a go when its quieter and let you know