VM 3.60 php.ini + mail

in the vm 3.60 it was also possible to add other php.ini variables in the server template under Apache website.
like open_baserdir - ${HOME}/tmp:/usr/blablabla

is this now done? As it didn’t read the ${HOME} variable before

Also in the previous version we could send out html emails for new domains (in mail for domain), however I still haven’t been able how to do this as there is no html editor available.

I dunno. :wink:

Were there tickets about these wishes? If so, Jamie would have commented when adding them to the code (or when providing a solution to the problem that doesn’t require changes to Virtualmin) and closed the ticket. If they’re still open, then I suppose they’ll be dealt with later.

yes there were tickets and they’re closed.
He told me it would be implemented in 3.60 but I better check if it has been done as I see no changes to the template (if that is necessary I dunno)