VM 3.55 unadvertized coolness

Hey, I just noticed something cool in the new Virtualmin theme. Unused modules appear in a new category named, get this, “unused modules”. If you don’t have a system installed the module apparently gets moved down and out of the way.

Now I can have them out of the way without deleting the module. Coolness!

Okay, it’s mid april, it’s still cold and we still have snow. It doesn’t take much to get me excited … :wink:

ooops, actually it’s the webmin module ;-0<br><br>Post edited by: DanLong, at: 2008/04/10 18:13

I actually requested this feature about a year ago, and I just noticed that it was implemented too! Here is the request in the bug tracker if you’re interested:

FS#2536 - RFE: Removing Non-Virtualmin Webmin Modules


Sometimes when it feels like you’re talking to a wall…it talks back…and you realize you were talking to the developers all along. :wink:

We aim to please, but sometimes it takes a while to hit the target. (And, I also think it’s a cool new feature. Jamie frequently has moments of pure genius.)

Funny, I’ve never met a talking wall…

Although it may seem like I was complaining, I had actually forgotten about this feature request (which wasn’t a high priority for me to begin with), and then I was pleasantly surprised to see that it had been implemented. I know you guys are very busy, and I am often extremely impressed at how quick you and Jamie are to respond and implement fixes and new features!

Note to Alan:

Talking wall = my kids :wink: