Vitualmin and Ubuntu Server Edition 9.04

Does Virtualmin work with Ubuntu Server Edition 9.04?

Virtualmin can work with quite a few distros.

What won’t work, though, is the installer and the software repositories – those don’t work with Ubuntu 9.04.

The installer installs and configures Virtualmin as well as all it’s dependencies – it makes life a lot easier :slight_smile:

For Ubuntu, the most recent supported version is 8.04, which is an LTS release and good for servers.

The reason 9.04 isn’t supported by the installer and software repositories is that the life-cycle is pretty short, making it less desirable as a server-platform.

Would you happen to know what versions of Python/PHP come with 8.04?

It has PHP 5.2.4 and Python 2.5.2.

PERFECT. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve installed and make it working good :slight_smile: