Virtulamin Domain Login redirecting to main address

OS type and version Ubuntu 20
Virtualmin version 7.1-1

I have many virtulamin servers and I am the only admin. Currently I manage all sites but one of my client want admin panel (virtualmin admin of his domain) of his virtualmin account.
When he login via he is redirecting to my main server address like which is my main server address.
For security purpose, I dont want him and my other clients to view my main url.
I nwat like cpanel where people login via their domain /cpanel and no one can guess the real address of the reseller owner.

How can I do this in virtualmin ?

Every client of yours can access Virtualmin via his own vanity URL. E.g. admin.clientdomain.tld

If DNS for clientdomain.tld is handled by Virtualmin then this subdomain already exists and is operational. If DNS for clientdomain.tld is being handled by a third party, such as the domain registrar or Cloudflare (e.g. if you manage DNS records via the domain registrar’s control panel) then you need to take an additional step before your client can use admin.clientdomain.tld: you need to create that subdomain and point it to the IP address of your Virtualmin server.

The feature you want is already built in to Virtualmin. :slight_smile:

Curious, that should not happen. The client should continue to see clientdomain.tld:10000

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