Virtualumin and several versions of php-fpm + nginx (without apache2)

The server is:
Debian 9
apache2 was disabled, but physically worthwhile (systemctl disable apache2).
Also in Virtualium it was installed

In all the templates of “System Settings -> Server Templates” I set php5.6. However, after rebooting the server, I see (from phpinfo) phpinfo 7.0

In “Server Configuration -> PHP Versions” I see 2 lines that I can not tick. 1) “Default HTML directory”, 2) “Enter the directory from the site root”. Both have the option to select the PCP version, but the settings are not saved, but the error does not write.

I can not personally set the “Version of php” either for the site or for all sites. I need to somehow ask for sites (specific, some) a specific version of PHP.

Where is my mistake? How can I look and fix it? (My brain tells me that it does not work only for me, I have done something).
php5.6-fpm installed from the console.

Services of php5.6-fpm and php7.0-fpm are started, sockets are created. (c

I found the reason. In Nginx, I have to specify the appropriate socket. Actually the question is: how to hang it on Virtualumin?