Virtualserver getting 403 error

So I have a bunch of virtual servers and they all work fine all bar one that’s giving me a 403 error. I’ve checked file permissions and they are fine, I’ve also checked the .htaccess file and that’s fine as well. Checked all the Apache and PHP settings and they are all running as the correct user and to top it all off the error log is completely blank,… But yet when I go to the site I just get a 403 error,… gurrrr.

I know something is wack but I’m out of ideas, would really appreciate if someone has any idea to let me know.

Thanks in advance.


If you look in $HOME/logs/error_log for that particular domain, what error(s) are you seeing when trying to access the site?


Oops, sorry, I overlooked you mentioning that the error log is blank… so just to be clear though, the error log that you’re reviewing is $HOME/logs/error_log?

If that’s the case – that implies that the request isn’t actually getting to that particular domain, for some reason…


Yeah i thought the error log being blank was really odd as well but I managed to fix it any way.

goto your virtual server in the dropdown list in virtualmin
click “Server Configuration” and then open “Clone virtual server”
clone your troublesome virtual server and give it the name of “
once this finished go back to and then rename the domain click “Server Configuration” and then open “Change domain name”
give it the name of “
now rename to

so i have no idea what happened to the server but doing this fixed it for me.

Thanks for your help