virtualmin with courier-imap

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering, is it possible to configure virualmin to use courier and replace dovecot altogether? I would still like all the automated virtual user/domain/email creation to happen though. If this is possible, that would be great. If I were to do that, how would I go about it?

Thanks in advance!

Well, Virtualmin simply adds users to /etc/passwd, there isn’t anything Dovecot specific about the way users are created.

So, I suspect it can work if you configure Courier correctly.

That said, most folks just use Dovecot, so I’m not certain if there’s any gotchas that I’m not considering :slight_smile:

I think it will work, but you’d probably want to test it out on a non-live system first.


Hey again Eric!

Thanks for the help. I don’t mind using dovecot, but right now I am in a bit of a dilemma. My old shared hosting service ( is giving me problems… (they are a useless shared host I might add) … so I have to move ASAP and cancel my account. Their mail servers are all courier based. I have been trying to migrate all my emails from the old host to my new VPS (with virtualmin) but I think dovecot is not compatible with the way folders are setup by courier. I posted a forum post about this recently titled “IMAP!! imapsync and fetchmail for multi folder e-mail sync” …

So when I try to perform a migration, it does not succeed. Do you know of any other solutions for this? if possible I would like to stick with dovecot, but if I can’t backup my emails from the old imap server then I need to at least install courier for now, and grab my emails quickly.

I unfortunately haven’t run into your specific predicament… but I suspect with the right set of options, it can be made to work :slight_smile:

First, I’d make sure you’re using a recent version of imapsync.

Second, you may need to tinker around with some of the options, one of which might understand how to cope with the error you’re getting.

Also, when I poke around on Google for “imapsync ‘folder does not exist’”, I do get a bunch of hits, though at a glance I don’t notice one that immediately solves your issue… but perhaps a bit of tinkering will get things up and running for you :slight_smile:


Thanks Eric, I appreciate the help.

I did go through google for this error, but haven’t dug up anything useful yet. Going to play around with dovecot settings like you suggested and see what I can accomplish.

Hey eagleon,

Not sure if you managed to resolve your migration yet or not. If you haven’t, take a look at Yippiemove ( it’s a web-based email migration service that works with both Dovecot and Courier.

there is a dovecot wiki too