Virtualmin with ClientExec

Has anyone use ClientExec with Virtualmin?

What billing software do you use with Virtualmin?

Howdy 59Box,

That’s one I hadn’t heard of, but it looks awesome. If you’re a customer of theirs, ask them to get in touch with us. We’d be happy to work with them to get the two products working together. Our API is really easy to use–a single simple web request or command can create a virtual server (if their app is written in PHP, it gets a bit more complicated, since Virtualmin sometimes restarts Apache which would lose state for them, but even that can be worked around).

Right now there are two billing systems that work with Virtualmin: AWBS and AgileBill. AWBS seems to be the most popular and complete implementation. I like the AgileCo guy, but we’ve heard some rumblings from customers here that it’s hard to get support. Hopefully that’ll change for the better–it looks like they’re growing, as a company.

More options is always better, though–billing is such a complex field that it’s hard for any one product to answer all needs well. It’s something that people have asked us to work on, but I suspect it’s only because they haven’t thought through how much of our time that would take away from our systems management product development. :wink: