Virtualmin with Blazor dotnet 7.0 under nginx

OS type and version UBUNTU 22.04
Virtualmin version LASTEST

As I have hosted my websites/email under Virtualmin for the past 6 years without any issues I am upgrading my old websites to aspnetcore Blazor server apps and want to host my email and websites under Virtualminlike I did before but now using Microsoft technology.

On my test server I install the latest dotnet 7.0
apt install dotnet-sdk-7.0

Created a new blazor server project called dev2, then cd /home/dev2/public_html and then run dotnet dev2.dll

All works localhost but does anyone have any exprience doing this and can give advice if this is a good or bad idea under virtualmin as it is very focused on php apps and not MS apps.

Anyone who has done anything similar and any help you can give would be great help, thank you…


I don’t run any PHP on any of my Virtualmin servers, except our main website (which is a WordPress site). We aren’t focused on PHP, but most of our customers are, so it’s what gets the most attention. :man_shrugging:

I don’t have any experience with Blazor or dotnet, but if it runs the same way most other modern web app development frameworks do, you’d just proxy to it, in the same way you would for a Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, Django, or whatever app. Virtualmin has little to do with the app, though it can help with managing the proxy rules, and of course whatever other web server config needs doing.

Thanks for your info/experience. I will will do more investigating and testing on my home server.

Thanks for your time replying buddy :slight_smile:

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