Virtualmin+WHMCS seamlessly integrated. Is this possible?


I want to setup a hosting site which will be operating with WHMCS and Virtualmin.
I dont want however the users to have a link to the CP. I want all features from Virtualmin to be seamlessly inegrated inside the WHMCS pages (the site).
Can this be done?
Is anyone here able to undertake this project?

Note that the icons provided in Virtualmin will have to changed to new ones.


Well, there isn’t an existing way to do that.

Virtualmin has a lot of features, and that’s a lot of content to provide from within another tool.

However, using Virtualmin’s API – it is possible to use PHP (or some other language), and create a website which accesses functionality available within the Virtualmin API.

What you could do is build a series of WHMCS plugins that access the Virtualmin API.

That’s a pretty big project, but it could be done!


Thank you for your answer.

I don’t want necessarily to connect it to WHMCS. There is a WHMCS provisioning module anyway (as far as I know) that will work with Virtualmin.
A I want to do is to have a single login and a single layout through the site, so all functions work from inside the hosting site. There are for example Wordpress templates specifically made for WHMCS. If in there I can have all the Virtualmin functionality then it will be great.

I surely wasn’t expecting it to be something that will take 1-2 days or even more. Do you know anyone that can at least provide me with a quote?