Virtualmin, WHMCS and Nginx


I am considering using Nginx instead of Apache on a new Virtualmin server I am planning to set up. I will be using WHMCS to do what WHMCS does.

Will WHMCS work as well with Nginx and Virtualmin as it does with Apache?




Hmm, I’m not entirely certain about that, no one has reported in the Forums here that they tried it on Nginx.

The best I can offer is that you could try it and see what happens :slight_smile:

Looking at the WHMCS site, Apache isn’t listed as a requirement, so that suggests to me that it probably is able to work.


I have seen a bit of back and forth about WHMCS and Nginx, and it seems all OK, but my concern is in the automatic provisioning of virtual domains into Virtualmin.

I saw that there is a difference in the parameters passed to the Virtualmin API for Apache and Nginx, so WHMCS would have to take that into account, but they don’t ask which web server is running on the servers set up in WHMCS, so either they assume it is Apache, or they have a look and find out what it is - I assume the former!

I was hoping someone had gone before me, so that there would be some juicy tips to follow.

The reason for Nginx instead of Apache is a need for speed - maybe there are better ways to achieve that.

I switched to nginx and am running WHMCS on it, runs just as fine as before on apache… Didn’t have to tweak anything.

Thanks, Hal, appreciate the tip.

Do you have Virtualmin connected to Virtualmin as well?