Virtualmin / Webmin - Thanks

I wanted to thank all the Virtualmin/Webmin staff for making a straight forward and useable hosting control panel. I try to donate something each year to Virtualmin/Webmin, and did so again voluntarily this year. I am retired, a hobbist, and not a professional site manager, and donate when I am able to.

I am disappointed when the majority of other hosting control panels require an annual fee. Most have continued to rise in price, and many do not have the features of Virtualmin. Thanks for keeping the base Virtualmin free. I have set up many websites using only command line tools, and the hours of work that are saved by using Virtualmin should not be taken lightly. Well done. Happy Holidays!


The amount of functionality in the free version is outstanding and the platform is solid.

Nice words.

Well said. Truly a great product! I’ve been using over 10 years and also donate when I can. :slight_smile:

I second that — great product !!!

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