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I’m using Virtualmin to backup my virtual servers and I have it set up to send an email upon completion. Now, here’s the thing, the email is usually flagged as spam when it reaches destination (hotmail, gmail, yahoo).

I went into the postfix options and I was able to change the “from” to something like but I was unable to find where to change the DKIM or spf settings so that the email doesn’t gets flagged as spam. Question: does Virtualmin uses the DKIM or spf of the domain specified in the “from” in postfix configuration or how that works?

I just want Virtualmin to send an email from my server and stay away from the spam folder.


I had same issue setting up mail server. Some ISP’s spammed. Some did not. Turned out I had to have data center setup reverse DNS for my ip. All mail delivered correctly after that.

So if you’re hosting in a data center, you need reverseDNS setup. If you’re hosting from home, there’s almost no fix. Most mail servers now require a reverse DNS lookup to prevent unknown IPs from sending spam.


scotwnw is definitely right about requiring a reverse DNS these days. Most popular mail servers will consider messages SPAM or reject them outright if something simple like a reverse DNS entry isn’t available, and/or if the reverse DNS looks like a home based internet account.

In some cases you can have your ISP:

A) assign you a static IP

B) set a custom reverse DNS entry for the IP

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