virtualmin/webmin crash AWS EC2

I am running Virtualmin on an EC2 instance using AWS with the following configuration:

Ubuntu 16.04
RAM 4gb
no swap
2 core CPU

Everything works great, and I have over 15 VS created.

However, Virtualmin/Webmin/UserMin Crashes frequently until manually restarted using the command “/etc/init.d/Webmin start”
This happened earlier when my RAM was 2gb. Upgrading to 4gb seemed to solve this temporarily. When the RAM reaches 50% or above is when it crashes.
I’m really unable to find the logs for the crashes or the reason for it.
If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great.

(let me know if you need any particular information)

Thank you,

Try adding a swap file. Ubuntu tries to use 50% of mem for cache. When it cant swap that mem out to disk as needed, the other 50% fills with programs till its out of space.

Here’s instructions.


After a crash, are you seeing any related messages if you run the command “dmesg | tail -30”? I’d be curious if there’s some “OOM” messages in there.

If there are, that indicates that there isn’t enough memory available. Increasing swap as mentioned above, and disabling services you don’t need, are two excellent ways to help with that.


I actually had swap enabled from the past few days. The only reason it wasnt enabled earlier as i thought AWS charges for the IOps on their SSD. Turns out they dont.
Looks like the problem is solved. Maybe until the RAM starts to fill up again. Will keep an eye on that.

And the output from the command dmesg | tail -30 gave me one OOM message,
134747.581017] Out of memory: Kill process 4615 (clamd) score 140 or sacrifice child
[134747.586404] Killed process 4615 (clamd) total-vm:795684kB, anon-rss:564716kB, file-rss:1500kB

This must be just before i had created a swap file.
Anyways ill keep an eye on this, and report back if everything is fine