Virtualmin (& Webmin) 2.0

When we can expect Virtualmin (and possible Webmin) 2.0? I have feeling that after so many years maybe is time to start thinking on new version of both software. New Authentic theme is cool but i have feeling this is like new paint on 50 year old car. Its cool but its old and slow.

Another question, when you guys think to adapt to current market as doesnt hold anymore, frankly is outdated for several years.


We like the underlying software for both Webmin and Virtualmin, but we do agree that the user interface can use a really big overhaul.

We’ll be releasing both soon with the Authentic Theme as the default, as well as a new HTML-based file manager.

In addition, we have a new website that we’ll be releasing shortly as well.

If there’s anything you’re hoping to see in Virtualmin, feel free to let us know!