Virtualmin web interface problems

After having some problems I tried to reinstall Virtualmin, but the install had some errors. I managed to fix some of the problems, but now the web interface looks messed up, the easiest way to show you what I mean is with the screenshot attached . Does anyone have any ideas how to fix it?

Edit: not totally sure the attachment is showing so i’ll include a link to the screenshot too:


Yeah, that’s definitely not the way it’s supposed to look :slight_smile:

Do you happen to know what errors you were getting during the installation?

Also, do you know if you by chance changed the default theme?

You can determine what theme is in use by looking in Webmin -> Webmin -> Change Language and Theme. It should be using the Virtualmin Framed Theme.


OMG thank you :D, it was set to Old Webmin Theme, but after trying twice to change it to Virtualmin Framed Theme it’s gone back to normal again now.