Virtualmin vs CPanel: why Virtualmin can't enter commercial hosting

While CPanel is the leading then Virtualmin need some task to make it ready to use for commercial hosting. Unfortunately, 1 important feature missing in Virtualmin:

  • ability to provide single PHPMyadmin or Webmail for entire domains.

Let’s me explain to you, Virtualmin developers.

In CPanel, every domain can open their own PHPMyAdmin, using this:

This also happen to Webmail.

In Virtualmin if you have 500 domains the you must:

  • Install PHPMyAdmin on 500 domains to achieve same CPanel features!
  • or you may install single PHPMyaAdmin, but you can not use client domain instead using Hosting Domain. But this second alternate won’t provide you SINGLE SIGN ON, you must login separately from Virtualmin!

If Virtualmin can solve this issue then I believe Virtualmin will replace CPanel completely!

I think It wouldn’t be too hard to code, I would have no idea what to do myself. But you would just have to pass the username & password for the site owner to phpMyAdmin and it would login.

The script installer feature is very similar to softaculous, it isn’t really meant for things like phpMyAdmin or Roundcube, which are usually available to all users when they are installed. It was meant for things like Wordpress or Joomla, which are only installed on a per site basis.

A properly installed copy of phpMyAdmin or Roundcube can be accessed from each domain separately.

I agree the MySQL managing parts of Virtualmin/Webmin leave a bit to be desired, perhaps someone could come up with some kind of plugin or module to make this happen. I would suggest having it pass the username and password of the currently logged in user to phpMyAdmin. Or perhaps a button on each site to login automatically, like the “Login to Usermin” button.

This is what Script Installers are for.

If a Virtualmin server owner needs PHPMyAdmin, they can install it with a few mouseclicks on their domain. Yes, they need to log in separately, but I’d even prefer that (create a separate database user even!) due to security reasons! Otherwise, if PHPMyAdmin gets compromised, the whole virtual server is compromised.

Same goes for one centralized PHPMyAdmin installation. I wouldn’t even want that for my server; I don’t really trust a PHP based MySQL panel to give it centralized access to my databases, with external single-sign-on.

As always, it’s security vs. comfort.