Virtualmin virtual-server module version 6.02-2 released

Howdy all,

I’ve rolled out version 6.02-2 of the Virtualmin virtual-server module. This is a minor bugfix release to fix a few bugs revealed by the new theme in Webmin 1.870, as well as a couple of other bugs unrelated to the theme. It also has some Install Script updates.

Changes since 6.02:

  • Updates for OwnCloud, Node.js, SuiteCRM, IonCube, Joomla, Mantis, Piwik, LimeSurvey, Drupal, and MediaWiki
  • Fixes for some forms under the new theme version (most importantly Website Options)
  • Minor bugfixes in migrations, backups and validation
  • Remove PHP4 support (this seems more than minor, and is actually a pretty big bunch of code changed/removed, but no one should be running PHP4 at this point, as it has been end-of-lifed by the PHP folks for years and is not supported on any distribution we currently support).

As always, if you run into any bugs, file a ticket in the tracker or in our github issue tracker.



Hi, and thanks for rolling out this update! But what about fixes for the Let’s Encrypt “script not run with full path” or “undefined subroutine” errors that have been plaguing Virtualmin for the last few weeks now? See for details.

That really looks like Webmin needing to be restarted. There is a bug somewhere in how Webmin restarts on systemd systems…I’ve found I even have to manually kill Webmin sometimes and restart it that way to get it to pick up the new code.

So, find the Webmin process:

# ps aux |grep webmin

And, kill it.

Then do a systemctl webmin restart.

I’m almost, like 99% sure, this is just Webmin needing to be restarted.

I’ve restarted Webmin multiple times by killing its processes and by even restarting my server entirely (shutdown -r now) but I am continuing to see the same errors.