Virtualmin virtual-server module version 5.0 released

After update to virtualmin 5.0 (GPL) it is impossible to edit .htaccess within the new filemanager. Edit Icon is visible, by clicking ont it nothing visible happens. Also .php files are not formated (no lindebreak) as this was before. Mayby I have configured something wrong? (Centos 7.2)

Thank’s for your great work

File a ticket in the issue tracker, so Jamie can take a look at that. It looks like it is caching things and not updating on re-check.

That sounds bug-like. Please file a ticket in the issue tracker. I’m gonna guess it is a File Manager bug, but it might also be a theme issue (since the theme provides quite a bit of the fanciness around the editor). But, Jamie and Ilia should be able to sort out what’s going wrong there between the two of them.

Congrats on the new look… lovin’ it!

PHP 7 only, CentOS 7, it is not possible to install phpmyadmin (latest version) from Install Script:

This script cannot be installed, as it requires PHP version 5.
This script cannot be installed, as this virtual server does not meet its requirements : Could not work out exact PHP version


There’s an issue in the tracker about this problem. Jamie is already working on it.

In Virtualmin GPL 5 on CentOS 7.2.1511, the letsencrypt feature worked flawlessly. I installed letsencrypt from the EPEL repository, and then Virtualmin found it automatically. About 10 seconds later, I had an SSL certificate installed and working.

Nicely done! It’s so gratifying when you click a button and it just works.