Virtualmin virtual-server module version 4.06

Howdy all,

I’ve rolled out Virtualmin virtual-server module version 4.06 for all repos. This one has some pretty important bugfixes (including a security issue that effects systems with untrusted virtual server owners, which will be documented in more detail after folks have had a chance to upgrade), so upgrading immediately is strongly recommended.

Changes since 4.05:

  • Updated the CMS Made Simple script installer to version 1.11.10, phpMyFAQ to 2.8.7, Pydio to 5.2.1, Joomla to 3.2.2 and 2.5.18, phpMyAdmin to 4.1.7, Mantis to 1.2.16, Django to 1.6.2, and Dolibarr to 3.5.0.
  • Added a script installer for Node.js version 0.10.25, and Ghost version 0.4.1.
  • Added an option to the restore process to delete files in an existing destination domain that were not included in the backup.
  • The port used in URLs can now be set independently of the actual port, so that URLs are correct when a reverse proxy is in use.

Since it seems I forgot to click save when posting the changelog for the 4.05 release, I’ll include that here, too:

Changes since 4.04:

  • Added the fix-domain-permissions API command, for resetting home directory ownership.
  • Updated the Z-push script installer to version 2.1.1-1788, phpMyAdmin to 4.1.6, MediaWiki to 1.22.2 and 1.19.11, LimeSurvey to 2.05, Magento to, WordPress to 3.8.1, FengOffice to, Revive Adserver to 3.0.2, Django to 1.6.1, Joomla to 3.2.1 and 2.5.17, PiWik to 2.0.3, ZenPhoto to, phpMyFAQ to 2.8.5, eXtplorer to 2.1.5, Drupal to 7.26 and 6.30, ownCloud to 6.0.1, Dolibarr to 3.4.2, WHMCS to 5.2.15, Coppermine to 1.5.26, DokuWiki to 2013-12-08, Moodle to 2.6.1, Pydio to 5.2.0, SMF to 2.0.7, and TikiWiki to 12.0.
  • Added SRV record support to the DNS Records page.
  • Added the Transfer Virtual Server page and transfer-domain API command for copying or moving a domain to another system running Virtualmin.

Note the last feature is a super cool (and super complicated one) that’s been requested by lots of people over the years. It enables moving a virtual server account from one Virtualmin server to another (this has always been possible with Cloudmin, but now you can do it with just two Virtualmin servers, and no Cloudmin intermediary).



I actually purchased the Virtualmin Pro license specifically for the ability to quickly spin up multiple Ghost blogs using the installer script. Sadly, everything I’ve tried has failed. I’ve manually activated the SQLite module, and given all virtual servers access to the SQLite feature. Every time I try to run the Ghost installer script, I get Partial installation error: NPM install of Ghost failed.

Have you filed a support ticket about the problem? Jamie is usually quite quick to respond to Install Script issues that come up. It’s Node and Ghost support is extremely new, and hasn’t seen much testing in disparate environments.

We’ve been going back and forth in a ticket for about a week, but we haven’t gotten anywhere. He’s been working with me on it, but I’d be surprised if we get it working at this point.