Virtualmin virtual-server module version 3.78 release

Howdy all,

I’ve just finished rolling out Virtualmin version 3.78 for all systems (I think; the build/deploy scripts are still in flux at the moment, and there have been…quirks…along the way).

Changes since 3.77:

  • FTP backup transfers are now re-tried up to 3 times, configurable on the Module Config page.
  • Updated the osTicket script installer to version 1.6.0, MoinMoin to 1.8.7, Magento to, Zikula to 1.2.2, Redmine to 0.9.3, phpScheduleIt to 1.2.12, ZenPhoto to 1.2.9, phpBB to 3.0.7, Typo3 to 4.3.3, Mantis to 1.2.0, CMS Made Simple to 1.6.7, TikiWiki to 4.2, OpenX to 2.8.5, Drupal to 6.16 and 5.22, phpMyAdmin to 3.3.1, Bugzilla to 3.4.6, MediaWiki to 1.15.3, SquirrelMail to 1.4.20, eGroupWare to 1.6.003, SugarCRM to 5.5.1, Trac to 0.11.7, PiWik to 0.5.5, PHProjekt to 6.0.1, CMS Made Simple to 1.7, Moodle to 1.9.8, Dolibarr to 2.8.0, phpPgAdmin to 4.2.3, PHPList to 2.11.3, WebCalendar to 1.2.1, Z-Push to 1.2.3, and WordPress and WordPress MU to 2.9.2.
  • Added a plan and domain-owner level restriction to prevent creation of virtual servers under other user’s domains.
  • Added the --simple-multiline flag to the list-domains API command, for outputting most of the information about virtual servers significantly faster.
  • Backups can now be restored from uploaded file, using a new source option on the restore form.
  • Resellers now have access to the DNS records and Apache logs for virtual servers they own.
  • Added fields to the Website Options page for changing the Apache log file locations, and added flags to the modify-web API command to do the same thing.
  • Added the get-ssl API command to output information about a virtual server’s SSL certificate.
  • Domain owners can now be prevented from using the Website Redirects page via a new edit capability restriction.
  • Added user%domain as an option Unix username format.
  • Quotas are now disabled before importing a migrated database and re-enabled afterwards, to prevent quota issues from breaking the import process.
  • Added the New Feature Log page, for showing all major changes in previous Virtualmin versions.
  • The modify-dns API command can now add and remove slave DNS servers for virtual servers.

As always, if you run into any problems, let us know in the ticket tracker.