Virtualmin virtual-server module 3.83

Howdy all,

Virtualmin version 3.83 is now available in the repositories.

Changes since 3.82:

  • Updated the Bugzilla script installer to version 3.6.3, Joomla to 1.5.22, TextPattern to 4.3.0, Dokuwiki to 2010-11-07, CMS Made Simple to 1.9.2, Z-push to 1.4.3, Dotproject to 2.1.4, phpBB to 3.0.8, Wordpress MU to 3.0.4, Horde Webmail to 1.2.9, Horde to 3.3.11, Moodle to 2.0.1, Foswiki to 1.1.2, Redmine to 1.0.5, phpMyAdmin to 3.3.9 and, phpPgAdmin to 5.0.2, Wordpress to 3.0.4, PHProjekt to 6.0.5, FengOffice to, Movable Type to 5.04, DaDaBiK to 4.3, Mantis to 1.2.4, Drupal to 6.20, Magento to, Nucleus to 3.62, Roundcube to 0.5-rc, Django to 1.2.4, SugarCRM to 6.1.0, vTigerCRM to 5.2.1, Piwik to 1.1.1, ZenPhoto to 1.4, dotProject to 2.5.1, MediaWiki to 1.16.1, and phpMyFAQ to 2.6.13.
  • When creating a virtual server with the create-domain API command, custom fields can be set with the --field-name flag.
  • Added a link to the Mail Aliases page to also show normally hidden internal aliases, such as those for Mailman and spam traps.
  • Improved support for backing up to and restoring from IPv6 SSH and FTP servers.
  • When a virtual server’s plan is changed on the Edit Virtual Server page, quotas are also updated to match those from the plan.
  • German translation updates, thanks to Thomas Suess.
  • Added a field to the DKIM form for entering additional domains to sign email for, even if they are not hosted on the system.
  • MySQL logins and databases and DNS zones can now be created on a central Cloudmin provisioning server, instead of on the Virtualmin system. This allows Virtualmin to be run on a system with less RAM, disk and CPU, while still providing the same functionality.

That last feature requires a new Cloudmin module that is in private beta, and should be available in the shop in a few days (it’s cool! it allows building out a central server for BIND and MySQL that all of your Virtualmin servers can then use rather than hosting locally; other features are in the works).

As always, if you run into any problems let us know in the issue tracker.

I was just wondering, will this feature be available for Cloudmin GPL, and will it itself be a paid add-on?

Yes, and yes. It isn’t ready for launch yet though …

That’s ok, sounds exactly like what I would like to do with my cloudmin setup, so I look forward to it’s release! Keep up the great work guys!

Added a field to the DKIM form for entering additional domains to sign email for, even if they are not hosted on the system.

From my personal experience, it’s hard to keep track of and manually adding non-Email domains here - it’s easy to forget some or miss new ones. And, that makes e-mails from the missed one, including the local @hostname accounts, fail to go through the MTA.

So, if we could go for an option to (additionally) sign the messages with system hostname (or it’s parent domain, or customize yourself) regardless of individual domain settings, then it would be great. What do you think?

Although it would be harder to make this possible with DKIM-Milter, I just went through the config files of OpenDKIM, and it seems to be as simple as adding a “*” rule at the end of SigningTable.

Virtualmin 3.84 will mostly avoid the need to use this field, by simply not signing email for domains other than those hosted on your system. This will solve the issue of email from cron jobs not going out …