Virtualmin virtual-server module 3.46

Howdy all,

I’ve rolled out Virtualmin virtual-server module version 3.46 for all platforms (and the repositories should now all be back in working order, after the mild disaster I inflicted on them while cleaning up old packages).

This version includes a major new feature in the form of a new interactive plotting tool for system data. Right now, this new feature only works on SVG capable browsers (Firefox, specifically, but Safari and Opera might work, too…IE definitely doesn’t), but it’s quite cool. Once some historical data has been collected you’ll be able to see nice timeline graphs of all of the data that gathers every five minutes. To see the graphs, just click on the little graph icon beside a relevant statistic on the System Information page. Once on the System Statistics page, you can pick and choose whatever data you’d like to see plotted, and you can plot multiple data points at the same time. Internet Explorer support may come eventually. Firefox is used by about 75% of our visitors to, so I’m going to guess this will work fine for the majority of you. Hopefully, IE will get better standards support going forward…if not, we’ll add a GD target to the plotting tools in the future, and generate a static graph for IE users.

Changes since 3.45:
[li]Updated the phpBB script installer to version 3.0.RC5, WebCalendar to 1.1.4, Gallery to 2.2.3, HelpCenter Live to 2.1.5, and Xoops to 2.0.17.[/li]
[li]Added a setting to control if virtual server owners can see mailboxes, on the Module Config page under Server administrator permissions.[/li]
[li]On the Upgrade Scripts page for upgrading across multiple domains at once, only show those actually used in the menu.[/li]
[li]Renamed the phpSurveyor installer to Limesurvey, and updated the version 1.52.[/li]
[li]Added a script installer for WordPress MU version 1.2.4. This is the multi-user version of the popular WordPress blogging engine.[/li]
[li]Added a field to the Update Virtual Servers page to change the virus scanner (clmscan or clamdscan) on multiple domains at once.[/li]
[li]Better handle additional databases in domains that start with a number, by converting the first digit to a word.[/li]
[li]Added a Module Config option to control use of the batch domain creation form by domain owners.[/li]
[li]Fixed bugs on the batch creation form that allowed domain owners to add new top-level servers, or sub-servers under domains that they don’t own![/li]
[li]Added links from the CPU load, memory used, disk used and other information on the right-hand system information page to graphs showing their values over time. This is taken from data collected by Virtualmin starting with the installation of this new release.[/li]
[li]In the Quota commands section of the Module Config page, added two new commands to get the quotas for a single user and group respectively. If defined, Virtualmin will use these when listing users in a domain or editing a single user, on the assumption that they are faster than the command which outputs quotas for all users.[/li]
[li]Creation of domains that match certain regular expressions can be denied using a new Module Config option in the Defaults for new domains section.
Added the --only-features parameter to, which tells Virtualmin to only enable features selected for restore when creating a new domain as part of the process.[/li]
[li]Added a similar option to the restore form in the Virtualmin web interface.[/li]
[li]Usage for previous months can be shown on the Bandwidth Monitoring page, using a month selector menu at the bottom of the table of domains or dates.[/li]
[li]Added options on the Edit Server Template page to make some non-default template the one that is initially selected when adding new virtual servers, migrating them or creating from a batch file.[/li]

As always, the update should appear in your Virtualmin Package Updates module. You can also get it via yum or yast or apt-get or URPMI.

Bug reports and questions always welcome, in the bug tracker and forums, respectively.

urpmi is now working !! Thank you…

Awesome. Thanks for the update Scott. You may note that the repository nightmare from earlier this week was due to a huge cleanup of the repositories–I added --delete to my rsync script (forgetting how much state was local to the server…which all got deleted). But the end result is a mostly squeaky clean repository. There are still a few remaining extraneous packages, but I’ve come up with another way to handle the problem of synching the two without deleting the good stuff on the server, so it’ll get cleaner with time. All because of the belly-aching of our lone Mandriva user. :wink: