Virtualmin Virtual Host not assessable externally!

I am using Virtualmin Pro on a Centos 5 operating systems and have setup my Virtual Server and BIND DNS according to the instructions on the DoxFer site.

My Web server is assessable from inside my network but when others on externally attempt to view my site it is not assessable.

Running, I see that my A record for the Virtual Host Domain does not return an A record. However, a "A" record for:

I have setup my FW to forward all traffic on port 80 from IP address to the virtual web server on my inside address.

Am I missing a set step in this process? What other aspects of a Virtual Machine setup under Webmin and Virtualmin do I need to before my virtual machines and websites will work properly.

Thanks inadvance for your help.


per haps you misspelled the domain, but these mentioned above are not even registered.