Virtualmin, virtual host freeze problem.

Hello. i installed virualmin from
created virtual server.( so server was working fine.
but few hours later freezed. i don’t know what happend.
sometimes working, sometimes freezing.
i checked log there are no errros.

so i restarted apaceh from virtualmin. then working.
but again freezed. what is wrong?

how to fix it. pls help me.

Well, it’s certainly not normal for it to freeze, that definitely sounds like something is wrong…

Strange problems can sometimes occur when there’s not enough RAM on the server. Are you by chance running on a VPS? How much RAM is currently available? You can determine that by running “free -m” from the command line.

When you check the Apache logs, make sure you check the error_log in /var/log, as well as the one in $HOME/logs/error_log, for any signs of problems.

Also, if you run “dmesg”, do you see any strange errors at the end of that output? How about in /var/log/messages, anything unusual in there?