Virtualmin & Usermin - mail on different server, web on different server

Operating system: Ubnutu
OS version: 20.04

I’ve setup an Virtualmin Server. I don’t like to put the Mails on the same server, but on an other one, which is only used for mails (usermin).

Will this fully work with virtualmin, or does virtualmin need to have usermin at the same server?
How difficult is it to setup such an enviroment (from virtualmin perspective)? Will it be possible that the whole Mail-Setup run automatically if I add an new VirtualServer (web-user account) on Virtualmin ?

This was discussed recently.

You could use Virtualmin on one server for hosting websites and Virtualmin on another server for hosting email only. Your idea of installing Usermin (stand alone) is not well founded and it might perhaps not even be possible.

For optimization of cache and memory so that you get best performance, you could use one install of Virtualmin only to serve websites and the other install of Virtualmin to serve only email / webmail.

Thank you for the response to my question.
But will there be an dependency between those both virtualmin (the one with webhosting and the one with email)…so that I don’t have to handle the Email-stuff additional to a new added Webhosting account?

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