Virtualmin User Setup - how to limit "System Settings"

Hi there,

In an effort to secure and configure our servers we are planning to disable root user, setup sudo users for our Server Management Team and setup a general user for our devs that allows them to set up new virtualhosts.

We’ve seen however that they can cause undue issues to the server while they have access to the Virtualmin > System Settings menu.

I have been able to lock them out of all the Webmin modules but I can not work out how to limit the VirtualMin modules / menus.

Can anyone advise how I can stop specific users from being able to access the Virtualmin . System Settings menu?

Thanks in advance!

I feel I need to add a bit more information.

I’ve reviewed the Virtualmin vhost owner user, and they are correctly restricted once they have a webmin login when looking at the virtualmin settings.

So the idea is we have some devs should be able to add new virtualhosts via VirtualMin > Create Virtual Server, and edit all existing servers, however that are not to be allowed into a number of the virtualmin modules such as System Settings as they can in theory break the server by re-running install wizard ect…

Bascially the VirtualMin created vhost accounts are correct, as are the generic Webmin (master/admin) accounts. However I need a halfway house with a knd of power user that can create a virtual host or edit any existing virtualhost but only with the options available to the vhost owner user.