Virtualmin User Database Question - Group Uid & Mail / FTP users


I made a mistake when I created a new virtual server.

I the "Group for mailbox users" field I put in the group of one of my other virtual server users.

Now the new virtual server user can view the other users userid’s & emails!

Real big mistake but it was not found until some time later which was really embarrassing.

Is there a way to change this?

Where is the virtual server / user configuration / records held? I’ve taken a look in the “/usr/local/etc/webmin” & “/usr/local/etc/webmin/virtual-server/” seen the NAME.acl & the 12347324875187451841 type files but I don’t know what the change as the GUI doesn’t let one change this field.

I have looked at the /etc/password & /etc/groups files also & can change the user’s /etc/password group id to a new group I have created for them but that has not fixed the issue either.

Anyone know what to do?


PS: I’m using FreeBSD so paths might be a bit different to the norm.