Virtualmin upgrade (6.03) broke PHP4

Hello the virtualmin community !

I have a server that has been running for years with two versions of PHP (php4.4.9 and 5.3.3)
and since the update of virtualmin 6.03 the PHP4 version doesn’t work anymore.
even by doing a “check configuration” he can’t find it anymore!
How an update could have broken my version of php4, I have other servers with several versions of PHP and I would like to understand what happened ?
Any ideas ?

Système d’exploitation Debian Linux 6.0.10
Version de Webmin 1.881
Version de Usermin 1.741
Version Virtualmin 6.03

PHP4 has been deprecated (i.e. unmaintained, unsupported) by the PHP developers for several years. Support for it has been removed from Virtualmin, because it would be dangerous to use it at this point. It was mentioned in the change log when it happened (though by that point we honestly didn’t think anyone was still using PHP4…since it had already been unsupported for years by that point).

Yeah the most recent version of PHP 4 reached it’s end of life 9 nears ago. We’d highly recommend not using that, and migrating any apps to a supported PHP version.

Servers running PHP 5.x and 7.x shouldn’t see any issues.

Note though that if your server is in some sort of secured environment (such as on a LAN that isn’t exposed to the Internet), and you wish to keep running that unsupported PHP version – that may mean you’d need to go back to an older Virtualmin version on that server. Which is also something we don’t recommend :slight_smile: But that would be the only way to do that.


Thank you for your answers. They are very appreciated.
we will migrate the applications to a newer version of php