Virtualmin update and backup questions


If my system is up to date on all the necessary packages that’s required for virtualmin, do I still have to update those packages that appear from the virtualmin repo?

For example: Currently my httpd is up to date from the the system repo, but virtualmin repo displays an update for that package but it is the same version as the currently installed version.

Also, when using the file ‘Filesystem Backup’ module in webmin, do I have to go into the directory I want to backup first and remove any lock files or the module does all that for me?



Well, you never have to upgrade those packages – however, we would always recommend it, package updates contain security and bug fixes that are important to maintaining your server.

Regarding Filesystem Backups – lock files should be removed automatically, you shouldn’t have to do that manually. If they aren’t being removed automatically, they might be stuck. Let us know what lock files you’re seeing, and we can help determine their origin.


Hello Eric,

Thanks for your response. I set up my rpm database directory to be backed up once a week. In the directory for that, there are lock files. Sunday it made a backup without any problems according to webmin but I wasn’t sure if I had to manually remove the lock files or not and thought maybe that the ‘Filesystem Backup’ module does that for me… I assume if Filesystem Backup wasn’t able to do it because of the lock files, an error would of displayed; there wasn’t but want to be sure incase.

Yes I always make sure packages are up to date. I was basically wondering if there is a difference from a package offered by virtualmin.repo and a packaged offered by a distro repo. For example, httpd. Currently I have the latest installed from the distro but in the updates section in webmin, a update for httpd is displayed and it is the same exact version as the one I currently have installed BUT the update displays that it’s coming from the virtualmin.repo. I figured the latest package I have installed of httpd is the same but thought I’d ask incase there is something specific about it where I should install the one from virtualmin.repo instead?

Thank you!


Ah, the filesystem backup would back things up exactly as it sees them… and if there are .lock files, it would back those up too.

Yeah you’d probably need to remove those files from the backup itself, though it might mean that the backup is running at the same time yum is updating things… if you were able to run those at different times it might lessen the chance of the database becoming corrupt, as those lock files suggest the database may be changing.

Regarding the httpd package – what is the output of this command on your server:

rpm -qa | grep httpd

So in order to restore the rpm database from the backup, I would have to remove the lock files from the backup?

The output of rpm -qa | grep httpd is:



Ah, it looks like you have the standard CentOS version of Apache, rather than the one that comes from Virtualmin.

How did you perform your Virtualmin installation, out of curiosity – was that done using the script?


I’m not entirely sure how the installation was done because it was installed by my hosting provider before I got on the server. Is there a way I can find out?