Virtualmin Support module

Howdy all,

A couple of weeks ago, we quietly released a new module for Virtualmin Professional called "Virtualmin Support". It provides a couple of nice features to make getting help with your Virtualmin Professional system a little easier:

[li]Allows you to file a support ticket directly from within Virtualmin. You’ll still need to do followups on, but filing the ticket from within Virtualmin provides us with a lot of useful information–like the OS and version, which a lot of folks forget to provide when manually filling out tickets, and it’s often a vital bit of data–automatically. It also allows creation of private tickets, so you don’t have to expose any interesting information to strangers (only three people currently have admin access to our ticket tracker: me, Jamie, and Eric).[/li]
[li]Allows you to securely provide remote access to your server to me, Jamie, and Eric, by clicking a button. This installs our public keys temporarily on your server, allowing us to login as root for the period of time you specify. We don’t often ask to login to customer servers (and we prefer to avoid it, if the problem can be solved via a simple explanation), but when we need to, this feature makes it really easy, and safe (safe in that your root password is never sent over the Internet…if you don’t trust us, then I guess it’d still be a problem).[/li]

So, next time you need some help, you might give it a try. You can install it on Red Hat based systems with:

yum install wbm-virtualmin-support

On Debian-based systems with:

apt-get update
apt-get install webmin-virtualmin-support

And on wbm systems using the Webmin Configuration:Webmin Modules page. The URL is:

You’ll need to login with your serial number and license key to retrieve this file.

Note that currently this module is not available for Virtualmin GPL (because w can’t provide the level of support that would require us to login to Virtualmin GPL users systems, and the tracker is only available for bug reports for Virtualmin GPL–so, it just wouldn’t provide very much value to GPL users).

This will become a default part of the install in the next release of virtualmin-base, but I figured it was worth mentioning, since it’s a pretty cool little module, and can save you some time.