Virtualmin stuck on 5.05

Hi folks,

I’m running Virtualmin v5.05 GPL with Webmin v1.850 GPL on an Ubuntu 16.04.1 box. I saw a Webmin update come down today so I figured I’d check if there were any updates for Virtualmin. It seems there has been a few updates since 5.05 (latest is 5.99?) but I can’t trigger an update using the usual tools nor can I recall where Virtualmin updates are triggered… infact, judging by the release dates, I think 5.05 is the version I installed when I setup the server so I likely never updated VM before

Is it a case that GPL is still back on 5.05 or am I missing something completely obvious here?

Where are Virtualmin updates triggered on the interface and is there any system settings I should check (configured repo’s, etc…)


Updates come from our apt-get repositories. Check your /etc/apt/sources.list to be sure the Virtualmin repositories (both virtualmin-universal and virtualmin-xenial) are present and enabled.

Virtualmin GPL is always released at the same time and same version as Virtualmin Pro. There have been three updates since 5.05 (5.06, 5.07 ,and 5.99).

Thanks Joe. I did reply but it seems to have not posted

I’ve checked over my sources.list and added the two repos as they weren’t there to begin with

deb virtualmin-universal main
deb virtualmin-xenial main

However, updates to VM are still not picked up using either the in-built updates tool or when running manually through terminal so based on this and the missing sources above, I guess my initial install was faulty to begin with. Would it be wise to attempt to “install” the latest version of Virtualmin on top of my existing install or what options might I have here?

Just to close out here… I bit the bullet, took a snapshot of my instance and then manually installed the latest version of Virtualmin over my existing install. It completed successfully and so far I see no issues and my dashboard displays 5.99. I updated the Virtualmin Framed Theme at the same time

Webmin Configuration > Webmin Modules > Install from From ftp or http URL >

I then repeated this approach to update the framed theme to v9.3

This probably won’t fix whatever underlying issues may be causing Virtualmin to not update using the usual method but at least I’m up to date for now and I didn’t bork my box in the process :slight_smile: