Virtualmin status collection vs webmin status collection

What is the difference between these two “Status Collection” options? Virtualmin’s is in System Settings - Module Config, and Webmin’s is in Webmin Configuration, “Background Status Collection”.

They do not seem to be tied together, as Virtualmin’s was set to run every 5 minutes, however in Webmin it was disabled.

So… what’s the difference? :slight_smile:

nobody knows eh? I looked through the documentation and didn’t notice any documentation about it…

Someone… anyone?

I have no idea what it means… you could try enabling it and see what cool things start happening :slight_smile:

However, I’ve never heard of anyone using it before, I doubt it’ll be too extravagant! Most people just use the one in Virtualmin to provide various stats (and more stats will become available as features get pushed from the Pro version to the GPL version).