virtualmin ssl certificates and using ports

hello -

due entirely to the extraordinary patience of Eric with me, and from reading a couple of other posts, i was easily and quickly able to get a page to successfully load using HTTPS:// just like was explained in these posts: (this one required the most patience)

my next question: when using io.js (or is it back to node.js now??) i get this message when trying to use a port number:


This webpage is not available

any suggestions on how to authorize a specific port?

and once again and as always, i am very grateful to the virtualmin people. God bless all of you.

hold off please - i just heard from the developer - he tells me that io.js needs to be changed to handle the https://

this may not be a virtualmin question at all - sorry for any inconvenience.

in case anybody else is tempted to ask such a lame question:


I’m glad you got it working – thanks for sharing your solution!

I’m not too familiar with setting up node.js (or io.js :-), so I’m not sure that I’d have been able to figure out the cause there.