Virtualmin speed

So, running on a 2 core server with pretty fast chipset, no one on but me, should I expect 1-2 seconds to go from screen to screen in Virtualmin using SSL?

Depends on which "screen". Some are dramatically slower than others…performance of Virtualmin pages does, unfortunately, tend to be a bit slower than Webmin modules, because Virtualmin tends to be gathering a lot more data for every page it displays.

Memory is usually the primary cause of sluggishness. CPU is pretty much meaningless on modern servers–all modern CPUs are so fast as to not even matter, anymore. So it comes down to how much RAM and, to a lesser degree, the speed of the disks.

There are a few areas in Virtualmin where performance has gotten slower than I’d like (System Information, even with cached data, for example), and we’re working on that. But, if you have a specific page that you think is particularly slow, let me know, and I’ll add it to our list of pages to look at in our performance testing.

Don’t think there is a specific page, just more wondering if that’s the norm and it sounds like it is. I wanted to make sure configuration is ok.

Memory is plentiful, so, not an issue.