Virtualmin slept? No response after various time


I have someting problem. Virtualmin works correct with all services but how i can set virtualmin proces as a deamon, because sometimes it works correct more than 100 hours but sometimes it creashed after 15h. When virtualmin suddenly turned off, databases are off but apache2 works correct. For more sheduled backup don’t create at correct time. Only restart virtualmin or all vps can fix that. So now my question. How i can disable sleeping of virtualmin



MySQL/MariaDB, nor any other service is directly controlled by Virtualmin. Sure, Virtualmin can start, stop, and manipulate the configurations for the services, however if/when Virtualmin crashes, it should NOT ever take down a service with it. Virtualmin is just a set of management scripts. If you are experiencing outages of services like MySQL/MariaDB then there is likely something else causing the crash of these services. It may even be indirectly causing Virtualmin’s server to crash.

I’d be happy to schedule some time with you to see if we can identify the cause, and work on a solution. Drop me an email if you’re interested in discussing things further.