Virtualmin showing up wrong site

Operating system: debian
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Hi, I have a peculiar problem I have 1 domain that remain as it and been working like a charm as a sub server. I made recently another subserver for another project/domain. however it’s still resolving even after a few days. But the main problem is that it’s display content of public html but once it’s php it’s display parent server content. I check the apache .conf if it it’s the righht ip and not an *. I checked the master zone also but it’s the same as the one that is working… so it’s puzzling me whats can it be ?

note: I have done everything from the troubleshooting : Website Troubleshooting | Virtualmin

thank you very much

The most common misconfiguration that is causing it, is that problemed website is getting accessed over https://, while doesn’t have SSL website feature enabled on → Edit Virtual Server page.

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it’s working ! thank you very much ! on a side note I am using ovh and the second ns server I don’t know how to configure it. It’s offer another dns name and we can link the ip to it but I don’t know how to properly set it up in the virtualmin configuration.

thanks again

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