Virtualmin set up of Virtual server

I was reading somewhere that virtualmin sets up the new virtual servers in a directory /home/ how can I get it to set up the virtual server in the /var/www directory

Virtualmin does indeed use /home for it’s Virtual Servers. That makes it nice and easy for users added to the system to access the public_html that’s put in their home folder, and get to work creating web pages.

It’s possible to change that, but there’s some gotcha’s.

The biggest gotcha is that suexec comes with the /home path hardcoded into the compiled binary. If you’re interested in using suexec (which provides a nice layer of security when using CGI and fcgid modes), then you’ll need to either recompile suexec, or use a different Apache package.

That said – you can change the directory for Virtual Servers by going into System Settings -> Module Config -> Defaults for New Domains, and set “Home directory base”.


I am not sure that I understand what you mean by “which provides a nice layer of security when using CGI and fcgid modes” please explain

If you aren’t using (or planning to use) suexec, then none of it will matter, really :slight_smile:

However, you can read about what suexec provides here:

Suexec is enabled by default on Virtualmin Pro setups; however, I believe Virtualmin GPL still uses mod_php without suexec by default.


I am using the GPL version and so I don’t need that kind of security.

If I have created a virtual server that put it in /home how can I delete it or move it to /var/www