Virtualmin Sendmail

Virtualmin used to come with an option to choose the MTA it used if I’m not mistaken. I’m attempting to move a fresh virtualmin install on debian from postfix to sendmail. I’ve been having limited success. Anyone have a guide for this?


We do recommend Postfix. It’s better supported, and more folks know it… so if you run into any problems, we’ll be able to provide better assistance.

However, if you’re certain you wish to switch to Sendmail, you can tell Virtualmin to use a different MTA by going into System Settings -> Virtualmin Config -> Server Settings, and there, set “Mail server to configure” to your preferred MTA.

You would also need to install the Sendmail package.


A few months back when I reinstalled Virtualmin, sendmail was not installed on default. I installed it separately and Virtualmin picked it up. That must be your issue, you have no sendmail installed

Hmm, Virtualmin shouldn’t actually change the MTA automatically… at least, I didn’t think it had such a thing.

However, you can always tweak the setting I mentioned above and install Sendmail, that should get that up and running for you.


Virtualmin asked me if I will use sendmail instead of postfix… this only occured one time on the first installation of Sendmail then loggin to virtualmin. I can’t trigger it anymore since I am happy with postfix and removing/reinstalling sendmail gets no response from virtualmin.

What I am thinking, this must be a undocumented test feature which may have been removed on the later versions.

Ah, that’s excellent! I had no idea a feature like that was added, thanks for the heads up!


So, Got sendmail configured and running. Sending a test message works. But the sending email address is not set correctly. It is sending as user@virtualminhostname.tld

Any thoughts?

If Sendmail is sending from user@virtualminhostname.tld, it shows a wrong configuration file. It is picking up the hostname as virtualminhostname.tld and can’t find a user to connect to so it is using “user@defaulthost”

It acts like postfix, where the default sender is