Virtualmin seem not to be installed

I went through the downloads of useradmin and virtualmin it seems I can acces usrmin at https://localhost:20000 and webmin at :10000

but noweher can I find virtualmin is at anothe port? please help

I have doen the ollowing step down the virtual server and uncomprees to a folder call virtual I have chomd +x and ran ./ it told me I was sucess only one promot to downlown update form web site I answer yes

but it seems there no virtualmin I can find please help

Virtualmin is a module that runs under Webmin. If you can’t use the install script to automatically install Virtualmin on your system, you’ll have to manually install the Virtualmin modules and theme, and configure all of the services manually. I’ve begun writing up how to do this here:,manual_virtualmin_installation/

But it is nowhere near complete…I’m working on it as we speak, actually, and expect to wrap it up in a few more days. (Feel free to add to it with things you learn along the way…it is a wiki, after all.)