Virtualmin scheduled backups notification email

I use the scheduled backup option in Virtualmin to backup my virtual servers to a remote ftp server daily during the small hours.
This has been working perfectly for months but on the 16th May I suddenly stopped receiving the email notification to say that the backup is complete. The backup still works but just no email.
I have tried recreating the scheduled backup and this has not helped. I have also checked the mail log, postfix settings, webmin log but can find no reason for the email not to being sent. This is not a big issue but I just like the peace of mind when I receive this email each morning.
I would be very grateful for any help.

My server is a VPS provided by Eukhost and is running CentOS 5.5


In the email logs, do you see any sign that it’s attempting to deliver any sort of email around the time of the backups? Or does it look like it’s just no longer attempting to send a confirmation?

Also, when looking at the details for your backup, under Scheduling and Reporting", the option “Only send email on failure” isn’t selected, is it? I understand you aren’t likely to have done that intentionally, but I’m curious if Virtualmin thinks it’s enabled.


Thanks for the speedy response.
There is absolutely no attempt shown in the mail logs. I have not ticked either box in the ‘reporting’ section.
I should have said that I use 2 seperate backup schedules, one incremental 6 days a week and one full once a week. Both stopped sending emails at the same time.


I’m sure you haven’t selected the boxes in the Reporting section – but can you verify that Virtualmin didn’t enable them on it’s own for some strange reason?

If not – I’m curious what happens if you were to check “Only send email on failure”, Save, then uncheck, then Save again.

Does that make a difference?

If not, you may have run into a bug of some sort…