Virtualmin says mod_php but phpinfo says FastCGI

Webmin version 1.962, Virtualmin version 6.14. Everything installed yesterday so it’s shiny and new.

Do you mean Webmin 1.972 ?

@Jamie Ilia told me not to roll out 1.972, I assumed due to a bug. We have 1.962 in the repos.

Ah … in that case, I should create a 1.973 release that we can rollout, which will fix this.

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Is there anything I can do before 1.973 releases?

I have fixed it!
I was searching through webmin’s github issues and found this. It seems that using a nonstandard kernel was causing webmin to be unable to parse systemd services. After downgrading the kernel, Bootup and Shutdown was properly populated and Re-Check System Configuration detected all PHP versions.

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