Virtualmin running Quota on XFS system.

Can virtualmin support the XFS Quota?
I test the virtualmin on the virtual environment (XEN) with quota enable, but there is the error about quota during installation.


Well, as a bit of a preliminary semi-educated guess, I’m going to go with “not currently” here :wink: Here’s what makes me think that –

If you go into “/usr/libexec/webmin/quota”, you can see what appears to be the commands that are setup for managing the quotas. If you look in “config-*-linux”, you’ll see the “Linux” related commands.

Not that I use XFS, but in searching how their quotas work, it looks like it uses names like "xfs_quota" for their toolset.

So it looks like Virtualmin is calling out to tools that either don’t exist or won’t work on your system.

That said, if you’re familiar with the XFS quota tools, you might be able to change “config-*-linux” to use the ones you want rather than the ext related tools that they have in there.

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Can virtualmin support the XFS Quota?

As Eric mentioned, if it doesn’t use standard tools, Virtualmin doesn’t support them automatically (though I think we now support ZFS quotas, which some of our hosting provider customers are using). But, you can configure custom commands to setup anything you like.

Browse to Module Config:Quota Commands

Then just fill in the commands you need to call in the list–you’ll need to include all of them, if you plan to use those functionalities, since obviously the standard commands won’t work. You may also need to use some sort of wrapper shell script to make the calls you need, if something other than “username soft_quota_in_bytes hard_quota_in_bytes” is needed.

See the help for more information about those commands. I’ve never used them, but we do know they work, because the Joyent guys used them for months to setup their ZFS quotas (but, as I said, I think we handle ZFS directly now). We haven’t had anyone asking for XFS, and we don’t have any systems that use it, so it’s unlikely to become an “automatically supported” FS any time soon. Is XFS still being maintained? I haven’t heard anything about it in years…I know SGI is still around, but they seem to have scaled back their OSS efforts in recent years.

> Browse to Module Config:Quota Commands

Aha! I should have known you guys would have a web interface for solving that :wink: slaps hand for suggesting manual editing

In regards to XFS – I can’t speak to how popular it is, but they did merge it into the Linux kernel (around 2.4.25, according to Wikipedia). Poking around on SGI’s site, it looks like their xfs tools were updated as recently as 04/23/2008:

Just some thoughts!