Virtualmin Reset

Hi there, I am very new to this. I have installed Virtualmin on a VDS ( CentOS 5.5 64bit )and need to reset so I can set it up again from scratch.

I CPanel you can remove a file and initial setup appears when entering WHM again.

Is there such or similar procedure used for Virtualmin? Apparently uninstalling the Virtualmin is not a good idea from reading the forums.

Also if you guys know of a good tutorial for setting up the Virtulamin for dummies, please do not hesitate to forward me the link, no offence taken, at this stage I am very close to my description above.

Many Thanks in advance


Well, the problem with uninstalling Virtualmin is that if you have any live domains at the moment, those would no longer be under the control of Virtualmin. However, it would leave all your domains, accounts, and such that it had created on the system.

If that’s not an issue in your case – you can uninstall Virtualmin by following the procedure here:

I’ll offer that if your goal is to start fresh, the best way would actually be to reinstall your entire OS (which many VPS providers make fairly simple).

If you’re just having a problem with something not working the way you hoped in Virtualmin – you could always let us know, and we could try to get it straightened out.


@benaust: Do you simply wish to have the “first-start wizard” appear again? I can look up how to do that if that’s so. Doing so will not remove any other stuff you have previously created, like domains or user accounts.

Otherwise, what exactly do you mean with “reset” Virtualmin?

I highly doubt that in CPanel it will suffice to delete a single file, if your aim is to revert all changes that were possibly done to the system by the panel. :slight_smile:

So, I agree with Eric, if you have already made a lot of changes, it’s easier to reinstall the system. If not, you need to specify what exactly you wish to reset. Server control panels have their own set of configuration data, and also make changes to settings of other software like webserver, mailserver, nameserver etc.

And another hint: If you wish to experiment with Virtualmin and expect to be needing several “resets”, it’s easier to do so on a local virtual machine. Get VMWare Server (free), install it at home and slap an Ubuntu onto it. Make a filesystem snapshot before doing stuff, and you can easily revert to a clean slate at any time.

Also if you guys know of a good tutorial for setting up the Virtulamin for dummies, please do not hesitate to forward me the link

What, specifically do you find difficult to accomplish? The “setting up” process should have been done automatically for you by the install script…the defaults should make sense for the majority of deployments, particularly those for folks that don’t know enough to know how they want their system to behave.

If you have specific questions, we’ll be happy to help. This is all pretty vague. :wink: