Virtualmin Reports DNS/Bind not running, but it is

Recently I did some updates on my server (in all updates, not just virtualmin updates) and since then the System Information panel shows BIND is not started. And clicking start doesn’t work!

Initially I was worried but I realized that my DNS was still working, I checked on the server ps -aux | grep named and sure enough its there running nicely. Equally a dig against localhost was fine.

Now when I make changes to DNS settings the settings are saved but virtualmin doesn’t/cannot reload bind. So I have to do that manually or the updates don’t get served.

Anyone know what may have caused this? or a fix :slight_smile:

PS: Debian5 lenny

I suppose Webmin uses some kind of PID file to determine whether BIND is running. Maybe the location of that file changed? Or the file maybe got lost somehow?

Did you try restarting both BIND and Webmin? Also, check Webmin’s BIND config for its assumed location of the PID file, and then if BIND actually creates it there. :slight_smile: